Registered Financial Advisor

Thomas P. Gibson is a Series 7 fully-licensed broker and financial advisor. He started Investor Services for Lumbee Guaranty in 2001, and now works with nearly 400 households in our coverage area. One does not have to do other business with Lumbee Guaranty to take advantage of his services.

A native of Scotland County, Mr. Gibson is a graduate of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He had a successful career in Manufacturing Management and Consulting, mostly in the textile and apparel industries. He reoriented his career path in 1999 toward financial services, a long-time interest of his.

Portfolio Securities

All securities necessary for your portfolio to meet your requirements and goals are available through Lumbee Guaranty Financial Services and our Registered Financial Advisor, Mr. Tom Gibson.

These include common stocks, corporate bonds, mutual funds, municipal bonds, derivatives (options), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), and U. S. government agency notes.

We offer no proprietary products, and therefore are able to assure clients that we have no incentive to recommend anything other than that which is in their best interest, given their goals, risk tolerance, and time horizons.

Asset Allocation

"You don't have to thrash around in the market to do well," says Mr. Gibson. "Diversity and patience are the keys to investor success." In other words: once you have settled on an investment approach, spread whatever risk there is around. Then be patient, stick with the plan, and let the market do what it has always done over time.

The most successful investors will share truthfully their financial "big picture" with a trusted, professional advisor. Like a doctor, he or she can then prescribe the right "medicines and dosages" to achieve the desired results with a minimum of "side effects."

Complete Trading Services

From our Financial Advisor's desktop, stocks and mutual funds can be bought or sold, on the Exchange with the most advantageous price. A quick phone call to our excellent Bond Trading Department gives access to every offering in the Bond Market at that time.

On-line trading is not offered. We feel that a good parallel example of on-line trading would be a "Do-it-yourself Appendectomy" kit!

On-Line Brokerage Account Access

Fill in a form with your account numbers and internet information for access to your brokerage accounts from your computer. Once your form has been processed, you will be e-mailed your PIN to gain access to view that information anytime you like.

As stated elsewhere here, for good reasons, on-line trading is not offered.

Annuities - Fixed, Variable

"There are only two reasons to have an annuity: in case you live, or in case you die."

Everyone wants their investment protected for their heirs in case they die. Likewise, they want their investment to grow, but to be protected so there is money to take that lifetime income from when they decide to do so.

Fixed annuities are like "designer" bonds or CDs. Nowadays, while interest rates are fairly low, one which adjusts annually with market interest rates would be a good choice. Many offer 1st-year bonuses.

Variable annuities offer many benefits, such as being able to take advantage of the up-side of the Market, with protection from its downside.

Beginning in 2011, when the first of the "Baby Boomers" turn 65, our economy will begin to shift from an accumulation emphasis to a distribution orientation. Many will live well into their 90s. With annuities, you can't outlive your money.

Estate Planning

Do you have an up-to-date Will? That'll be one of the first questions we ask when discussing with you the disposition and taxation management of your estate. If you haven't taken care of this important matter, please consult your attorney now.

"I'm not rich!" Doesn't matter. If you don't want the State in charge who gets what, or if you do want your family to go through this difficult transition without unnecessary pain, burden, and expense - then have a Will drawn up and recorded.

We will work with your attorney and professional tax advisor to position you now for minimizing taxes and difficulties for your family, at that time when they will be facing so many new challenges.

Additional Financial Services

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Taxation Management

1031 Exchange

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Larry R. Chavis has been promoted to EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN by the Board of Directors of Lumbee Guaranty Bank.

Kyle R. Chavis has been selected by the Lumbee Guaranty Bank (LGB) Board of Directors to succeed Larry R. Chavis (no relation) as CEO. In addition, Bryan K. Maynor has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. Both men will assume their new roles immediately.

Mr. Kyle Chavis, (47), has been an employee of LGB for 18 years. His experience includes a total of 25 years in a variety of banking roles at Wachovia Bank, Triangle Bank and others. He has been serving as Executive vice President and Chief Credit Officer of LGB for the past eight years. Kyle Chavis received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance from North Carolina State University in 1991, and he is currently working toward a Master’s in Business Administration at UNC Pembroke. He attended graduate banking schools at Louisiana State University and through the North Carolina Bankers Association. He and his family reside in Lumberton, NC.

Mr. Bryan Maynor (53) has a 28-year banking career, 18 of which have been with LGB, most recently as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. He was born and reared in Pembroke, NC and received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Relations at UNC Chapel Hill in 1986. Maynor also attended graduate banking schools at LSU and through the NCBA. He attained an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Troy University in 2007. Maynor lives in Pembroke with his family.

In making the announcement, LGB Board of Directors Chair, Arnold Locklear, acknowledged the experience, leadership and skill that Kyle Chavis and Bryan Maynor have already contributed to the Bank, stating, “These gentlemen have been involved at a senior management level over many years of change at LGB. The Board is excited to have them as our next executive team.”

Mr. Larry Chavis said, “I have teased these guys that it will take two of them to replace me, but the truth is banking has become a much more complex business since I was a young banker. I am comforted that Kyle and Bryan will be at the helm when I slow down.”

LGB is a commercial bank founded in 1971. The Bank currently serves customers in Robeson, Cumberland and Hoke Counties. The Bank has $350 million in assets and 13 branch offices. Please visit our website:

Pembroke, NC

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