LUMBEE BANK was incorporated under the laws of North Carolina on September 29, 1971, and commenced operations as a North Carolina state-chartered bank on December 20, 1971.  This day, what appeared to be an impossible dream became a reality, and history was made because Lumbee Bank was the first Indian owned bank in the United States.

The Bank was originally founded by area residents who believed that there was a growing need and demand for a locally owned and operated commercial Bank. 

On May 19, 1971, Mr. Charles G. Rose, III, later US Congressman Rose, representing the organizers of the proposed Lumbee Bank, and a delegation of 22 interested citizens of the Pembroke community traveled to Raleigh for the hearing on the application of the incorporators.  The delegation was asked to stand as a group.  Mr. Rose introduced the five organizers of the proposed Lumbee Bank as follows:  “Mr. Adolph Dial, a Professor of Political Science at Pembroke State University, a lifelong resident of the Pembroke community and one of the organizers; Dr Martin Brooks, the only physician in the community of Pembroke serving not only the Pembroke community but a very large area around that community; Mr. John Robert Jones, a businessman and a farmer in the Pembroke community, a native of that area and has widely held business interests in that community; Mr. Howard Brooks is a pharmacist and owner and manager of Pembroke Drugs in the community of Pembroke, a lifelong resident and a businessman in the Pembroke community; and Mr. Harbert Moore a farmer and a full-time employee of the United Methodist Church.  He does extensive lay work and extensive organizational work for the United Methodist Church in the Pembroke community and he, too, is a lifelong resident of that community.”

On September 22, 1971, a meeting of the incorporators of Lumbee Bank was held in the Log Cabin Office on 3rd Avenue.  The following incorporators were present:  Adolph Dial, Martin L. Brooks, Howard Brooks, Harbert Moore and John R. Jones.  The Articles of Incorporation were read and approved.

Presently the Board of Directors of Lumbee Guaranty Bank are Arnold Locklear - Chairman, Dr. Martin L. Brooks, Redell Collins, Charles Alton Maynor, Sybil Bullard, James Thomas, Derrick Staten, Larry R. Chavis.

The Commission advised the temporary board to raise $667,000 in bank stock.  The Commission modified its recommendation and required that at least three-fourths of the $667,000 be raised from Native American Indians at which time The temporary board decided to place a $20,000 cap on individual stockholders.  From a log cabin office on Third Street in Pembroke, the organizers set out to sell The necessary stock needed to open the Bank.  The community was very excited about the prospects of the first Indian Bank in the nation.  Many people were with the organizers in spirit but did not have the money.  Some people, who were financially able, purchased large blocks of stock and others purchased one (1) to ten (10) shares of stock.  Several families purchased one share of stock for each member of the family.  Selling the necessary stock proved to be no small task, but soon it too was accomplished with 97 percent of the 750 subscribers Indian.

The final step was FDIC approval.  This was finally granted on December 21, 1971, and the following morning area residents gathered for a brief dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony.  It was a cold, windy day.  Rev. D. F. Lowry delivered the invocation.  Mr. Earlie Maynor, Mayor of Pembroke, officially signaled the opening of Lumbee Bank.  The Honorable Charlie Rose made this comment in his remarks at this ceremony, “Never have so few done so much for so many.”  Lumbee Bank opened its doors in a modified mobile home purchased to house the Bank.  Earl Hughes Oxendine had the distinction of being the bank’s first depositor.  The original staff was Ray Liles, President, Curtis Pierce, Ester Hedrick, Brenda Shoemake and Vernice Oxendine.  Business was conducted in the mobile unit until Rep. Adolph Dial, a local developer and one of the major stockholders, built an extension to a Piggly Wiggly shopping center in Pembroke.  The Bank moved into the permanent quarters on February 20, 1973.  The grand opening was held March 14, 1973.

Larry Ray Chavis is the current president of Lumbee Guaranty Bank and has served as president since July 1987.

Lumbee Guaranty Bank, which began as a “hometown bank” trying to service the Pembroke community has grown to 14 locations:  ten (10) in Robeson County, three (3) in Cumberland County and one (1) Hoke County.  In February 1989 a branch was opened in Lumberton.  The St. Pauls and Hope Mills branches were purchased from Resolution Trust Corporation in June 1991.  It was in 1991 that the name changed to Lumbee Guaranty Bank.  Bank officials described the new name as just one more significant change at a bank that had seen two decades of change.  The Maxton branch was purchased from First Scotland Bank in November 1995.  Branches in Red Springs and Rowland were acquired from Centura in November 1995.  A Fairmont branch was acquired from Progressive Savings and Loan and opened in July 1997.

Lumbee Guaranty Bank opened a second office in Lumberton located at 2799 West 5th Street on December 15, 1998.  The Bank opened a third office in Lumberton located at 4829 Fayetteville Rd in July 1999.  Two offices were opened in Fayetteville NC, Cumberland County.  The Falcon Village Office was opened in September 2006 and Lake Rim was opened in July 2007. In 2012, Lumbee Guaranty Bank acquired two (2) offices from New Century Bank . As part of the acquisition, the Bank entered the Raeford market and opened a second branch in Pembroke.

In 1996 the Board of Directors and President/CEO of Lumbee Guaranty Bank announced construction of their new home office and on July 3, 1996, a Groundbreaking Ceremony was held at 403 East Third Street, Pembroke, North Carolina.  Among the distinguished guests was Mr. Hal Lingerfelt, Commissioner of the North Carolina Banking Commission.  This special occasion marked another milestone for Lumbee Guaranty Bank.  In 1996 the Bank also celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

The Bank opened its new Corporate/Branch office in September of 1997.  The new facility designed and constructed by Consultants and Builders of Norcross, Georgia, is equipped with state-of-the-art banking equipment and technology to better serve our customers.  The Board of Directors, officers and staff of Lumbee Guaranty Bank are proud of the beautiful three-story, 17,000 square feet corporate office and main branch in Pembroke. 

Lumbee Guaranty Bank has moved four branches to a new location. The new Rowland Branch grand opening ceremony was October 2000; the location is 201 N. Bond Street.   The New Red Springs Branch grand opening was July 30, 2002; the location is 215 E. 4th Street. The New St. Pauls Branch grand opening was March 13, 2003; the location is 306 South 5th Street.  Lumbee Guaranty Bank purchased the former Centura Office located at 600 N. Pine Street, Lumberton and renovated the building relocating the office at 111 North Court Square.  The Bank opened this office on April 11, 2004 and the Grand Opening was held May 20, 2004.

Lumbee Guaranty Bank has more than 100 employees full time and part time.  The Bank’s assets are approximately $317,297,254 with deposit of approximately $275,629,083 as of December 31, 2013.

The Home office includes our Bookkeeping, Credit, Training and Audit Departments and the Corporate Offices.  The Corporate Offices include the Bank’s President and CEO, Executive Secretary, Credit Administrator, Operations Officer, Compliance Officer, Accounting Officer and Personnel Director.

Larry R. Chavis, President/CEO, believes that Lumbee Guaranty Bank is what it is today with some 1,700 stockholders because the foundation was there and sacrifices were made in the early years.

Lumbee Guaranty Bank is a Community Bank dedicated to meeting the needs of the customers we serve.


Larry R. Chavis has been promoted to EXECUTIVE VICE CHAIRMAN by the Board of Directors of Lumbee Guaranty Bank.

Kyle R. Chavis has been selected by the Lumbee Guaranty Bank (LGB) Board of Directors to succeed Larry R. Chavis (no relation) as CEO. In addition, Bryan K. Maynor has been promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of the Bank. Both men will assume their new roles immediately.

Mr. Kyle Chavis, (47), has been an employee of LGB for 18 years. His experience includes a total of 25 years in a variety of banking roles at Wachovia Bank, Triangle Bank and others. He has been serving as Executive vice President and Chief Credit Officer of LGB for the past eight years. Kyle Chavis received a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management, with a concentration in Finance from North Carolina State University in 1991, and he is currently working toward a Master’s in Business Administration at UNC Pembroke. He attended graduate banking schools at Louisiana State University and through the North Carolina Bankers Association. He and his family reside in Lumberton, NC.

Mr. Bryan Maynor (53) has a 28-year banking career, 18 of which have been with LGB, most recently as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. He was born and reared in Pembroke, NC and received his Bachelors of Science in Industrial Relations at UNC Chapel Hill in 1986. Maynor also attended graduate banking schools at LSU and through the NCBA. He attained an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Troy University in 2007. Maynor lives in Pembroke with his family.

In making the announcement, LGB Board of Directors Chair, Arnold Locklear, acknowledged the experience, leadership and skill that Kyle Chavis and Bryan Maynor have already contributed to the Bank, stating, “These gentlemen have been involved at a senior management level over many years of change at LGB. The Board is excited to have them as our next executive team.”

Mr. Larry Chavis said, “I have teased these guys that it will take two of them to replace me, but the truth is banking has become a much more complex business since I was a young banker. I am comforted that Kyle and Bryan will be at the helm when I slow down.”

LGB is a commercial bank founded in 1971. The Bank currently serves customers in Robeson, Cumberland and Hoke Counties. The Bank has $350 million in assets and 13 branch offices. Please visit our website:

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