Investor Service

Because our customers’ needs often reach beyond banking services and products, we have made arrangements with Capital Investment Group, Inc. to give you access to a number of other financial services and products.

Securities Brokerage/ Insurance

Capital Investment Group, Inc. is a registered broker/dealer and a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). It is also licensed to provide insurance products and services in North Carolina and other states. Through our registered representative, Brent Brooks, Capital provides securities brokerage and insurance products and services to a growing group of families in Hoke, Robeson, and Cumberland counties

About the Advisor

Brent Brooks
has worked in the financial services industry for the last 10 years.  The last 6 of which have been as the Financial Advisor for Lumbee Bank’s customers.  As an advisor Brent has gained the trust of his clients through always putting their needs first.  This approach has allowed our Investor Service to flourish in these uncertain times.  Brent graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Finance.  He holds Securities Licenses Series 6, 7, and 63.  In addition Mr. Brooks holds insurance licenses in Life, Health, and Long Term Care Insurance. Brent Brooks spent his formative years in Fairmont, where he resides today with his wife Kim. 
Brent is only a phone call away.  If you would like trusted financial advice from your hometown bank call his main office at 910-522-5808.  In addition, you may reach Brent by contacting your local branch.

Portfolio Securities

Capital offers a broad array of securities and other non-bank products to meet the needs of clients’ financial portfolios. Their products include, among others: common and preferred stocks, corporate bonds, municipal bonds, mutual funds, derivatives (options), real estate investment trusts (“REITs”), fixed and variable annuities, and U.S. government and government agency instruments.

Capital offers no proprietary products, and therefore they are able to assure clients that they have no incentive to recommend anything other than that which is in the client’s best interest, given their financial profile, goals, risk tolerances, and time horizons.

Asset Allocation

Diversity and patience are the keys to investor success. In other words: once you have settled on an investment approach, spread whatever risk there is around. Then be patient, stick with the plan, and let the market do what it has historically done over time.

The most successful investors will share truthfully their financial big picture with a trusted, professional advisor. Like an internist, the advisor can then seek to prescribe the right “medicines and dosages” to achieve the desired results with a minimum of “side effects.”

Complete Trading Services

From our registered representatives’ desktops, stocks and mutual funds can be bought or sold. A quick phone call to the bond trading desk provides current bond offerings available at that time.

Online Brokerage Account Access

Fill in a form with your account numbers and internet information for access to your brokerage accounts from your computer. Once your form has been processed, you will be e-mailed your PIN to gain access to view that information anytime you like.

Estate Planning

Do you have an up-to-date estate plan? That’ll be one of the first questions asked when discussing with you the disposition and taxation management of your estate. If you haven’t taken care of this important matter, please consult your attorney now.

If you don’t want the State in charge of who gets what, or if you do want your family to go through this difficult transition without unnecessary pain, burden and expense – then have an estate plan.

Capital’s registered representatives will work with your attorney and professional tax advisor to position you now for minimizing taxes and difficulties for your family, at that time when they will be facing so many new challenges.

Additional Financial Services

Capital also offers clients access to sophisticated financial, insurance, and estate planning services, and many other specialized financial services and products, including:

  • Individual Retirement Accounts
  • Trust Accounts and Services
  • Wealth Management Platforms
  • Securitized Real Estate for 1031 Exchange

Lumbee Guaranty Bank does not sell or provide securities management, investment advisory, broker/ dealer, or annuity and insurance products or services. Capital Investment Group, Inc., is a separate entity and is not affiliated with Lumbee Guaranty Bank. These securities, investment, and insurance/ annuity products and services are not FDIC Insured; are not deposits or other obligations of, and are not underwritten or guaranteed by, Lumbee Guaranty Bank; they are subject to investments risks, including fluctuations in market value, possible loss of the principal invested, and interest rate risk. These products and services are unrelated to and are not a condition to or term of any banking service or annuity.


By operation of federal law, beginning January 1, 2013, funds deposited in a noninterest-bearing transaction account (including an Interest on Lawyer Trust Account) no longer will receive unlimited deposit insurance coverage by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Beginning January 1, 2013, all of a depositor's accounts at an insured depository institution, including all noninterest-bearing transaction accounts, will be insured by the FDIC up to the standard maximum deposit insurance amount ($250,000), for each deposit insurance ownership category.

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